Fevers and Children

Fever is our body's way of killing off a virus or a bacteria.  By raising body temperature, these microbes cannot continue to survive. If we suppress this, we may be interfering with the healing power of the body.  In general, fevers should not be seen as harmful or dangerous.  It is the body trying to rid itself of something potentially dangerous.

Fever Management in Children:

If Oral Temperature is under 103 degrees:

- Tender Loving Care

- Hydrate.  If your child will not drink offer herbal teas, Pedialyte or a wash cloth dipped in water.  Small, frequent sips are best.

- Homeopathy: Try Belladonna, Chamomile or Pulsatilla 30c every 15-20 minutes until fever breaks.

- Cool wash clothes to neck and face.

If your child's temperature is not responding to the above measures or is getting higher, give a dose of children's tylenol.

A fever is never considered normal in an infant under 3 months. Call your doctor right away if this occurs.







All in all, fever is a healthy, normal respone.  If your child is staying hydrated, urinating every 3-4 hours and the fever is staying below 104 degrees, you can let it run its course and rest assured that they will recover.







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